Tuesday, August 4, 2015

In love with Chicago ...

This city is awesome .. I love New York .. New York is my favorite city in the US .. But NY is a so big City .. with noise and often bad smells ... Chicago is like NY, but smaller and without the bad smells .. I think it's good to live in Chicago ... But I love New York ... And I can't be in New York for the show of Tokio Hotel .... I'm so sad ... 
Tomorrow it's the show of Tokio Hotel in Chicago .. I'm sorry guys , but I decided to record no video .. I want to take full advantage of this last show for me in the US ... The pictures 'll be just in my mind ..OK  I have a site about Bill but don't forget I'm a fan too ... 


I'm the feeling to be in Tintin in America .. Where is Al Capone ? 


It is now time to write the rest of my story Feel It All .. I began this story in London on last 6th March ...  US Tour .... I don't tell everything .. Some times remain only in my memory ..

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