Saturday, February 2, 2013

Zumba !!

A long time ago, I didn't talk about Zumba. And nevertheless I always have a practice, besides my 30 km of running a week, in 3 steps. :-) 
I really need to escape my mind. I 'm so happy to see soon the boys of Tokio Hotel, but at the same time I'm so scared. I'm afraid of crossing the eyes of Bill and of not finding any more what I knew till the end of 2010. I may be stupid but in any case completely paralyzed with fear. 
The sport helps me to live healthily, to continue to eat, to sleep and to avoid thinking too much.
I have several choreographies of zumba which I should record (video) for my Aliens friends. When we 'll wait before the next TH concerts ..   The dance 'll warm us ..

My favorite choreography of the moment is on the song "Ojos Asi" of Shakira .. I love dancing with this song..  

I have another choreography with the song Danza Kuduro (Don Omar ft Lucenzo) and Booty Shake of Matt Houston. I need to find time to record them. Soon ... 
I also continue to work on my site . I wanted to start today to update the bios.
But I have just realized that Google does not propose any more my site, since today, in the front page when we ask for " Bill Kaulitz ".
It makes me anxious! But I know why. I thought so a little. I have to transfer my domains towards the new site. It takes time and it annoys me. I want everything is perfect .... Soon too !!

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  1. Pouvoir se réfugier dans le sport est sûrement une bonne chose à tous propos, mais ce n'est pas donné à tout le monde... Quant à tes doutes Marie... je te dis : aie confiance :-) Bisous. (Fabienne)