Monday, February 4, 2013

The new French talents!!

I 'm not really a fan of the TV programs who looks for new talents of the song. I watch at the German TV "Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar" because Bill and Tom are judges, very good judges moreover.. I 'm impressed by their maturities. I find them both better than the 2 others judges.
There are some good singers in this german broadcast, but I have not seen an exceptional, moving candidate yet.
After the broadcast DSDS of last Saturday evening, I flicked to the first French channel. The channel broadcasted the French " The Voice". 
When I arrived on the French broadcast, Olympe began his performance.  And my god what a Performance!! This boy upset a whole country in 1 evening. Just incredible ! A pure talent! Garou (judge) said: " Elton John of modern times "!
The Olympe's Facebook page counted 500 ' I like ' saturday and 6000 ' I like' sunday. Today 9753 'I like'. Very good artist !! 

This other Antony Touma's performance was really magnificent. Mickael Jackson, in the style of Antony!! Great !!

I miss Tokio Hotel !! I miss so much Bill Kaulitz !!  
 I wasn't able to have a ticket for DSDS in Cologne 16 March 2013. Sold out ! That 'll be difficult..

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