Thursday, March 10, 2011

Paris today, I lunched with my cousin

I found my cousin lunchtime in Paris today to have lunch. I don't often see her. She is a physiotherapist in the east of France. I spent my childhood with my sister and my cousin. We spoke during 3 hours in a restaurant near Opera. I like very much spoken with her. We are very close.
Christine, my cousin offered me a formidable book about Tokyo.
This book is really amazing. It was written by a French who spent several months in Tokyo. He tells the anecdotes of this incredible city, but especially he illustrated the book by his own drawings of the city.
He speaks about difficulties being situated in this city, where street names are not indicated. I don't know how make Japanese not to get lost. When you ask for your road Japanese, if you find a Japanes who speaks English, he is going to explain you during 10 minutes the things which you don't understand. Then, you thank him at the end of 15 minutes because you are in Japan, but you don't still know where you are. That it is Tokyo!!!
This charming Japanese was very kind, but didn't help to us at all. But she is so cute.

Here are some photos of the book.

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