Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Need to escape me! Music and books!!!

I worked today of course! But at 1 pm I went to Virgin next to my work, to buy CDs and books. I want to listen to Aerosmith at the moment, with a best of and a Live. I also bought the best of of Pink. I like very much this girl and I like very much what she makes in music. I would really like to see her in concert! And my son Paul also likes very much!

I don't know why my choice of book goes towards Japanese authors. Japan fascinates me. Japanese calms me. On Monday, I went to the Japanese bookshop in Paris where I ordered magazines (2 Inrock with my rocker chicks). I went out of the bookshop, very relaxed.

I also bought underwear! But no photos! It's just secret! I find adapted underwear at NewYorker in Germany. I go to Hanover on March 25th, 26th and 27th. I think that I would go to NewYorker for the other underwear. My flight is reserved, but I again have to reserve my Hotel. Sheraton Arabella in Hanover, great hotel. Good choice!!


  1. Ah Marie, t'aurais dû me dire çà plus tôt..
    Pink est passée au Nikaïa en juillet dernier..
    next time :-)

    Gros Küss

  2. Arrrrgggg !!! On aurait du y aller Manue!!!!