Thursday, March 3, 2011

One year ago, Humanoid City Tour in Oslo!!!! I too!!!

1 year ago already, I was in Oslo for the Humanoid tour of Tokio Hotel. This tour in Scandinavia was really incredible. Some snow everywhere. I absolutely wanted to attend these 5 concerts from Copenhagen to Helsinki. I had 4 tickets of concert in Oslo for 2 (error during the on-line reservation. I don't read very well the Norwegian!) Julie and I waited all day long in front of the concert hall on the snow, but with a magnificent sun.

This video of the concert " Phantomrider " is my video the most watched among my 83 videos of the tour. Why? Bill makes a mistake and sings in German, instead of singing in English during the song.

I remember after the concert in my hotel room. Julie was already asleep and I hesitated to load this video on YouTube. AND THEN I said to me : " Bill makes an error, of course, it's on live!!! ". I thus decided to show that Bill really sings on live. No play back!! Today, this video is my video the most watched on my channel.

P.S. : I win nothing with my videos of YouTube. YouTube suggested me winning on videos except concert videos. I refused. I win nothing either on my site I pay the hostings, I pay the names of domain. I specify it tonight for all the fans who think that I win some money with my site. Bill Kaulitz is a passion. I 'll never win money with this passion. On the other hand I spend a lot of money for my passion. But " I never count for Bill "

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