Tuesday, October 5, 2010

French magazines "Batterie" and "Guitare extreme" talk about Tokio Hotel

The last numbers of music magazines "Batterie" and " Guitare extrême " speak positively about the opus Humanoid of Tokio Hotel.
"Batterie" even dedicated 2 pages to Gustav, the drummer of the group, by publishing an interview and some riffs of songs of Humanoid.

We can read this comment :"The new opus of Tokio Hotel contains some good riffs which wait for being transported by a powerful, firm and well produced play of drums."

"Guitare extrême" speak about "Humanoid City Live".

And we can read at the end of the text : "The opportunity to notice that besides the side "boys band" for young girls, the four musicians know how to defend themnselves when it is a question of being behind their instruments."
I like reading that real musicians speak positively about the album Humanoid and the boys of Tokio Hotel. I don't like this image of Boys band which haunts them. I know that these 4 real musicians aspire to another image and I am really happy that these music magazines recognize it. In any case, these magazines will be curious about their future creations. And that it's good!

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