Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Zürich ... 💖

From Rome ... After Milan and Zürich .. 

I have just arrived in Rome, in this city I love .. I need a lot of time to talk about my day in Zürich. I don't have that time. The show in Rome is tonight and tomorrow I drive to Munich, my last show on this 1st round of Dream Machine trip. The last show for me will be in Russia ... 

I had a great backstage time in Zürich with the boys, especially with Bill. And yet everything seems so confused in my mind. I have so much love for him. Too much .. 
I'm certainly very tired now .. I just now want to be in my bed with my dog and my 2 cats at home.

Nevertheless, I got in Zürich the most beautiful photo of the world with Bill (and with the guys of Tokio Hotel ).. and the best time ..💞


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  1. HEY, nice backstage pics, Bill looks so beautiful ! so how was it talking with him? was he sweet, what did you talk about? :)