Thursday, March 23, 2017

Tokio Hotel at L'Olympia in Paris - 21.03.2017

They did it ... 
I was so happy and so moved to see the name of my favorite band on the wall of "L'Olympia" in Paris, this so mythical venue .. It means a lot to me...
I had asked friends, fans of music to come and to see the show. They came to please me at first. 
.And at the end of the concert, they were very surprised by the quality of the music and the show. They loved the show. One of them said to me : "I regret having missed their concert at the Trianon, 2 years ago." 
To be honest, I expected they enjoy the show. But it was better still. They were completely excited as the show was good.
I'm so happy and so proud of this band I support for 10 years . For me, Dream Machine is the best album of Tokio Hotel and Dream machine Tour the best tour . Everything is true in this album. Everything is "them" .. 
All the songs are worked and finished without being sloppy. A huge work. 
I always trust them. For 10 years And I was (and am) right ... πŸ’–


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