Sunday, February 28, 2016

Tomorrow back to work.

After 1 month at home, I'll go back to work tomorrow. I feel really good today. After 2 weeks of treatment, thyroid hormones are almost normal number. But it's not finished. it will move up and down during treatment.

But I'm responding well to my treatment... So Coachella I come soon .. 

Tomorrow at work. As it doesn't go very well at the moment at work, for the first time in my life.
 I'll have to manage this situation by protecting me. I am a hard worker. But it's difficult to have to do something which I don't believe at all.

 I watched videos of Eckhart Tolle today, thanks to Bill who spoke about him on instagram last night.
Maybe Eckhart Tolle will help me to find a solution or to see things in a different way. I'm going to listen to him again. 

My favorite picture of the weekend ... He's so beautiful .. I sleep well at night. My insomnia is him and his lovely pictures ..

Bill, Bill, Bill ...


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