Sunday, February 7, 2016

Astrology ..

I feel better, so I'm getting bored. I'd be better in LA.

Today I did astrology. I searched for birth charts. Mine. And I wanted to see if Bill and Tom Kaulitz; identical twins, have the same birth chart. Almost . They don't have the same birth time.
Bill was born 10 minutes after Tom. Some planets, like the moon, has not exactly the same position in the 2 birth charts. But the meaning of their birth chart are the same. They are virgo with an ascendant virgo. 

I'm aquarius with an ascendant aquarius .. 

And I wanted to know if my birth chart was compatible with Bill's birth chart. 

Here is the result. (I hid my birth year .... because ..)

 Wow ... I tried with other celebrities, it was less than 20%, except for Obama et Michael Jackson with good compatibility ratings. Communication rating with Bill : 48 % (
We are 2 very shy in love.)
Then, I wanted to see if the rates were the same with Tom.
And what a surprise. I'm more compatible with Tom.
 The birth time greatly influences the result.But with Bill and Tom, the balanced global rating is always greater 70% . They are 1 person.
I will never forget that special feeling that I felt when we take pictures at the Meet & Greet in 2015.
 I felt two hands on my back, Bill's and Tom's. 
I felt that there was one person next to me, a powerful person. I felt good.
Like in a cocoon.. 

 You are telling you it's time I return to work.
It is always interesting to know that I could spend my long winter nights with Bill and Tom. I should not annoy me. Oh ... :-)

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