Saturday, January 30, 2016

Sick leave ...

No trip in California in February ....
The first blood test revealed a Hyperthyroidism. I'm not surprised. I have all the symptoms.
Weight loss, muscular weakness, tiredness ..

 The reasons .. stress, anxiety, sadness .. 
In 2014, I was already in this state, but lighter. In 2015, with the Feel It All tour, I felt very well .. I have to do more tests and meet an endocrinologist for treatment.
To avoid treatment, I should cancel all the causes of my stress, anxiety and sadness ..
But it's impossible .. maybe change my job .. 

Anyway, I'll be in great form for the first weekend of Coachella 2016 .. For sure.

 I'm exhausted .. but this disease is not really serious... But I agree with this quote of Charlie Chaplin ..



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  2. Prends soin de toi.....c'est le plus important..gros kûss