Thursday, October 29, 2015

Bye bye St Petersburg ... Hello Moscow

I left St Petersburg at the begining of afternoon yesterday ... Landed in Moscow at 3:30 p.m. .. I was at my Hotel at 8 p.m. .. Because of this horrible traffic in Moscow .. I took a taxi .. But next time , I know , I'll take train and subway .. 

What a day in St Petersburg with my german girls and boys !! ... I began the day (at 12 a.m. 27th October) with the girls at their hotel to celebrate Crissi's birthday (cake and vodka) .
Then we go to the venue together with the rain, but singing .. 

We celebrate again Crissi's birthday with the boys in the dressing room of the boys with champagne , ... and cognac .. 

And Vodka again , waiting the show .... and vodka again waiting the M&G ... But I was very OK . 
My pictures with the boys ..... 

And my pictures with Bill's words and signed by the 4 ...

Bye bye St Petersburg

Hello Moscow
I don't have time to visit this beautiful sunny city, today ... It's cold, but the sun is here in Moscow today .. I'll visit tomorow, friday  .. I'll fly to Paris saturday .. 

My bedroom in Moscow - So romantic ..

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