Saturday, April 25, 2015

Coincidence or connection ...

I dream rather rarely about Bill. Even if I realize that he is more and more often in my dreams since the last tour.
Last night, Bill was in my dream. We were in Paris.We walked in the streets of Paris. We were so happy to be together in Paris ... 

 When I woke up, I took my iPhone to check Instagram. And what a surprise when I saw the post of Bill.

This picture with the com : " dreaming of ‪#‎paris‬ "

I smiled and I loved this time ... Even if it is maybe only a coincidence... For me it's a special moment ...


  1. Alors çà c'est pas commun mais çà ne me surprend pas plus que çà ;-) gros küss ma Marie <3

  2. Wow! Perhaps you both shared the same dream!!