Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Video of the day ..... Girl got a Gun .. Tokio Hotel

Here is the second video of Tokio Hotel with the song Girl Got a Gun. ..
I'm fan .. This video is completely crazy as I like .. This song is full of energy .
California .. These great colors .. the desert .. and wild idea in this landscape.
Many fans of the band don't like this video and this song. They want the old Tokio Hotel. But Bill and Tom, who write texts and compose the music, live in Los Angeles for 4 years.
They are inspired by California.  It's normal that their music is evolving.
and fortunately ..
 Many people (not old fan of TH)  to whom I showed the video, like a lot and are surprised that this video is from Tokio Hotel.
A new audience for Tokio Hotel ? .. Maybe.
 I'll continue to show it to others.

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