Friday, July 11, 2014

the success of Paul !!

Paul has just finished his years at the middle school.. He passed his examination with distinction. I'm proud of him. At the start of the school year (september), he'll go to the high school, 100 meters away from the house. Lucky guy !! 

We do'nt travel this summer. But I want to give Paul what he wants most. Go to see his favorite basketball team playing, Clippers!! 

 The NBA championship starts October 28, 2014. The 2nd week of Paul's holidays... I have to organize a journey to Los Angeles.. at the end of October .

 I hope that the Clippers 'll play in Los Angeles. Otherwise we'll see the Lakers. 


Look what I found in the mathematical book of  Paul ... Tokio Hotel really made a deep impression on France .. 

" 1)  Last year Maxime had n pictures of his favorite band.
 For 1 year, the number of pictures increased by 5%. .... "

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  1. Bravo à Paul pour ses excellens résultats ;-) gros küss ma Marie