Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Family vacation .... Epinal

A few days with my family in my hometown, Epinal .. Epinal is the city where I was born. The city of my childhood .. Épinal is a commune in northeastern France .
Tomorrow I go back home , Paris .. 

Epinal by night
Epinal by night
Epinal - Basilique Saint Maurice (by night)

Épinal is best known for the "Images d'Épinal" – which is now a common expression in French language – the popular prints created by a local company, the Imagerie d'Épinal, formerly known as the Imagerie Pellerin. These stencil-colored woodcuts of military subjects, Napoleonic history, storybook characters and other folk themes were widely distributed throughout the 19th century. The company still exists today, and still uses its hand-operated presses to produce the antique images.

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  1. Très belles photos d'un joli coin que je ne connais pas..gros küss ma Marie <3