Monday, November 25, 2013

Running Venice Beach - Santa Monica ... &.... LACMA

Run from Venice Beach to Santa Monica .. and Santa Monica to Venice Beach .. done !!

With a so beautiful sunny day .. a very good time !! 

Ready for the running ...

And LACMA in the afternoon ... 

Bathers, 1913 by Karl Scmidt-Rottluff, Germany

The Ballantine, 1958-60 by Franz Kline, US

  And for my last night in LA, a small Californian white wine, Chardonnay ...
Gesundheit !!

 I have a flight to Paris tomorrow at 3:45 pm. An Airbus A380 again, with space .. 

I'll leave a part of my heart here ... a large part!!
Bye Bye LA .... 


  1. wonderful holiday.
    it was fantastic. we ll be With you. thanks
    happy to see you soon

  2. Bon retour parmi nous ma Marie, bon vol ;-)
    merci pour ces belles photos qui nous font voyager avec toi...
    gros küss