Thursday, November 21, 2013

Finally in Los Angeles .... Sunset Boulevard

The flight Paris - Los Angeles lasted 11 hours and 40 minutes .. The trajectory was longer to avoid strong turbulences in Greenland ..  Fortunately it was an Airbus A380 and it was not full .. I had the space ..

 My only picture of Los Angeles .. From my hotel room .. Sunset Boulevard ..

It's raining in Los Angeles ... Tomorrow I'm going to walk a lot in West Hollywood and Hollywood ..I have to buy T-shirts Clippers and Lakers .. , Basketball teams in Los Angeles .. The T-shirts are for Paul, a great fan of the NBA.


  1. Bon séjour Marie. Profites bien.

  2. hello sister, heureuse que tu sois bien arrivée! tu connais ta sœur, l'éternelle angoissée de service!! Pense à ton fillot, si tu pouvais lui ramener un maillot des lakers à lui aussi, il serait fin heureux, please! (t'y rembourserez); plein de gros gros bisous! Little Sister