Friday, April 19, 2013

Weekend - And a long weekend with Friends ...

It's the weekend for me and until Wednesday included. Tomorrow, Saturday, my friends Manue, Thierry and their daughter Jeanne come from Nice.. for the long weekend.. Disney Land Paris next Monday .. 
I'm so happy to see them again ... I knew Manue thanks to Tokio Hotel. She is now a very important friend of  me.

 I'm also so happy tonight. I finally received today a premium ticket for DSDS on 4 May in Cologne ...


  1. Ein oder drei ? MaB

  2. Trop contente d'être avec toi aussi Marie :-)
    merci pour ton amitié...

  3. Nur ein MaB... :'( C'est super Disneyland et l'amitié aussi ! Amusez-vous bien... Bisous. (Fabienne)