Sunday, April 7, 2013

Bye bye Cologne ...

I left Cologne at around midday today. A beautiful sunny day. The real beginning of spring, finally. :-)

Cologne the 7th April 2013

Cologne the 7th April 2013 

Memory on Saturday morning, April 06th in front of the Cologne Cathedral.

Other memory on Saturday night in DSDS Studio , Premium Lounge after the show . 

And little gift!!

It's a pity there isn't ticket anymore in premium for the next shows, I'd have liked having other tickets.
I'll attend the show of the semi-final 04th May, but not in premium, it's a pity.

I'm going to vote Tokio Hotel at MMM 2013 . It's so hard tonight !! The night 'll be long ..


  1. Contente que tu aies vu les ce parfum, il sent bon ???? :-)

  2. Wow tu as été bien gâtée ! Mais cependant on sait qui demeure le plus beau cadeau... Bisous. (Fabienne)