Saturday, March 31, 2012

Theater : Les Liaisons Dangereuses by John Malkovich

I went to the theater yesterday evening to Paris. I didn't want to go there. I didn't find my usual dynamism. I was in the subway at about 6 pm. During the route I listened to "Totgeliebt", the only song which I wanted to hear.
I found a friend at 7 pm in front of the Theater "Théâtre de L'Atelier". We had a drink before the performance.
I saw " Les liaisons dangeureuses (Dangerous Liaisons) " directed by John Malkovich. A performance which lasted 2 hours 40 minutes!
A modern adaptation! An incredible direction! A great work! Excellent actors! And actors who had pleasure to play. I saw a lot of play lately.  And this one is the best that I was able to see. 
Congratulations Mister Malkovich!

Here is a  video of the first performance!


I like very much this video about the comedians! We can feel this magnificent atmosphere.


When I listened to Totgeliebt, I wondered if finally this song had not been written for me. In any case, this love 'll kill me. I won't come back from this love, unhurt if I manage to come back one day!
 Unhurt ? It 's impossible!
Ensemble nous avons le pouvoir
de faire reculer le SIDA

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