Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dentist - Notary - Vacation

Sunny day at Paris, just before going into the office of a dentist,  specialized in the installation of implant. It was on Monday, 26 March. 1 hour on the seat of this dentist for a transplant of bone and installation of implant.

I doesn't understand how these persons make to practice this job. My grandfather was an artisan joiner and I remember that in his workshop there was the same noise as at this dentist. In the exception that yesterday this noise resounded in my head.

Naturally yesterday evening it was not the great form. I had to go more this morning to Paris to a notary to sign a sales agreement for the sale of my house.

I would have had to be satisfied with it and nevertheless I don’t know why, I very badly slept and as soon as I woke up I cried. I think that this operation weakened me and that I don’t feel any more enough strong to bear only what I have to manage at the moment. Fortunately I have this week of vacation.
During the night, while I cried with big sobs, my little Bill raised the head, the 2 ears and looked at me with his small soft eyes. He came then to lie down next to me. That calmed me. This dog is really sweet!

I thus signed a sales agreement this morning. The sale will be made at the end of June. I have to find an apartment for June. But I ‘m going to rent it. It ‘ll be more easy. I ‘ll buy later!

In the afternoon, I wanted to watch a movie. I don’t know why I chose Notebook in my state. This movie upset me, for this difficult love story but so intense and so fast forgotten because of a disease. I can’t talk about it more today. I ‘m still in shock of this movie. There is a scene which particularly went me to pieces.

I ‘m going to overcome all this. It ‘s always what I make. And then the night, I have my little Bill!


  1. Il y a quand même un point positif dans tout ça... c'est enfin la vente de ta maison à l'été :D C'est une excellente nouvelle et j'en suis sincèrement très heureuse pour toi. Bon rétablissement suite à la pause de tes implants dentaires... Bisous. (Fabienne)

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