Monday, June 21, 2010

My Green Day Week

This week, I listen to Green Day before the concert in Parc Des Princes in Paris, Saturday the 26th June.
I 'll not think finally any more of Bill this week! I am going to think about Billie Joe and Coe. Really? Don't think of Bill?? LOL! Regrettably, it's not possible! Bill is always in my thoughts.

My 2 favorite songs of Green Day:

Maybe I would have been able to make a site about Billie Joe Armstrong, as I made for Bill Kaulitz. I don't know. For Bill Kaulitz I have never hesitated.


  1. Mummmmmmmmmmmmmmm, vivement samedi :-)

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh demain ! Il fait chaud à Paris les filles! Bon je prépare vos lits déjà! Parce que il est vrai qu'après le concert, je pars avec Billie Joe! C'est la sorcière qui l'a dit sur facebook! LOL