Sunday, June 18, 2017

Decision ..

To be honest, I didnt very well live the last Tokio Hotel tour, with my road-trip of 3 weeks. I nevertheless  loved the shows and the meetings with the band.  
But I felt very bad among the fans. I felt out of place. 
I did'nt understand their talking points about the band. I too often heard words about Bill, words that I didn't like at all.
I wanted that this tour stops.
I decided not to put myself any more in this situation. 
I'll continue to go to see the Tokio Hotel shows, at the back , with a beer and with those who come for the music. 
But I'm going to favor the events of Bill Kaulitz,  solo, with Billy. 
I'm going to continue and to develop my support for Bill Kaulitz and for Billy, by devoting to it even more my time and my money.
And this adventure I'll live it alone as I update alone, every day, my website and my Facebook page.
With this decision , I'm honest ... and I feel better ..
To follow ..

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  1. Do what feels right for you. I admire your dedication to Bill, he is a lucky man to have supporters like you:-)