Friday, December 16, 2016

Throwback ..

A crazy night in Paris .. on November 2007 .. 

After this Tokio Hotel live on TV french show ... 

I remember that this night paparazzi told me that they knew the address of the after TV show without giving it to me.
I remember telling them to go there as soon as possible.I was sure the guys of Tokio Hotel will not go to this After Show.
And I was right, they were in their favorite restaurant in Paris.
When the boys left the restaurant and went to their hotel by car, 2 fans followed them by bike. They wore shorts and sleeveless t-shirts, as well as shoes with high heels. It was November in Paris and it was cold. 
I followed the 2 girls by car, following the guys. The situation was so funny. I've never laughed like that in my life. Incredible memory ..

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