Saturday, September 17, 2016

Angry, disappointed .. but always passionate and lucid

I was waiting for the announcement of the new date to see Billy in New York. I kept my ticket, after the cancellation of last July. I also kept the vacation days for this event..
I was shocked yesterday by the announcement of the 2 events to see Billy in Russia. New York event seems forgotten by Billy. 
I was very angry and disappointed .. Why nobody communicates sincerely about this missed event in New York? Then I think this communication is so bad for the career of Billy or Bill ..
Yesterday I really wanted to stop everything ...
I have a ticket to see Billy in New York and I'm lost ...  I don't want to think that the person I admire the most in the world had lied and stolen.
 Tokio Hotel announced a 2017 tour, 2 days ago . Yesterday I thought I would not go to any date. But it was yesterday .. 
 It will never be easy to turn over a new leaf  with them and especially with him .. after 10 years ..
Today I planned to go in several cities for this tour... To be continued .. 

.... with tears in my eyes ...

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