Saturday, December 5, 2015

Louis Bertignac - Les Insus - La Cigale Paris

I was at the show of Louis Bertignac, Thursday evening at La Cigale in Paris.
It was so good to listen and to sing the songs of the french band Téléphone. The band of my adolescence.

 And what a surprise to see the whole band for a song. I sang every song ... 

 The band is back with the name "Les Insus", with a tour in France. Tickets for this tour were sold yesterday .. All... It was crazy .. I just got a ticket for Marseille .. But no for Paris .. 200 000 tickets were sold yesterday. The guys of the band said on facebook they think about more shows .. My friends have no ticket .. 

I want more shows ... But no show between February 4 and February 12, 2015. I'll be in LA .. And no show between April 14 and April 18, 2015. I'll be in Indio and Palm Springs for music .  

The whole band - Les Insus - Un Autre Monde 

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