Wednesday, July 29, 2015

From San Francisco to LA .... Great time ...

Finally a break to post an article .. My site is updated of the latest news .. I had a long way in recent days, with a round trip drive between Los Angeles and San Francisco ..

I leave tomorrow for Anaheim by car .. 

The atmosphere on this tour is great.... I find every show German, french, italian  and Polish fans .. Yesterday I met in LA, Martina, an Italian fan with whom I share in San Diego a FIA package. San Diego , my 50th show of Tokio Hotel .. 
Anyway ... Europe is on the US tour of Tokio Hotel ..

Los Angeles - HOS Sunset on 28, July 2015 - Great time .... :

And Meet & Greet in LA with the best guys in the world ..... 

And San Francisco 27, July 2015 .. No video .. forbidden 

My view at the first row ... :-) .. I love these knees .. 

And my day with these great fans .. polish and german .. 

Alles ist gut .... 


  1. Thank you very much for your photos and video. It's amazing memory)

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  3. very very very good!!!!! plein de pensées pour ma big sister!!!
    Enormes bisous
    little sister

  4. Rolàlà !!!!!!!!!!!! que j'adoooooooooooooore cette intro !!!!!!!!!!!! merci ma Marie...profite bien....gros küss <3

  5. OMG lucky you!!!!! May I ask you for a favor??? Can you tell them that in CentralAmerica they also have fans and we want to see them please? They never came here :(