Sunday, June 21, 2015

Weekend at home .... and of course , photos of the weekend ..

A weekend, quiet at home .. I slept a lot. I needed it .. Running Sunday morning .. I needed it too .. 

I took Lova to the vet for her annual visit .. She's fine but she has to lose weight .. 

I took a photo of Lova as soon as we got back from the vet.... This is not won .. :-)
On veterinary advice, I'll try to give her zucchini .. it fills the stomach and it is only water ..

First thing, Lova did when she's back from the vet ... :-)

Tom love the boxes ... every box ...

My balcony ....

7 years ago tonight, Tokio Hotel performed at Parc des Princes in Paris .. It was a great concert .. I met on this occasion people of the forum of my site .. Great memory .. 


And photos of the weekend ... Bill , Bill , Bill ... in the desert .. Palm Spring .. 


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