Monday, January 12, 2015

My "Feel It All" Tour is ready ...

Everything is booked ... Concerts tickets or VIP packages, train to London, train to Marseilles and all the hotels.
 I go to London March 6, 2015 ... and I come back from Warsaw March 28, 2015, with my car. I will sleep a night in Hannover and I will be back in Paris on March 29, 2015. With eyes full of stars ...

 I hope everything will be fine ..

My travels between March 6 and March 29, 2015 ..

 The band will perform in LA Thursday, January 15th for a show ... I think access is free .. You just have to win tickets.
I see very well the nightclub where they will perform ... Viper Room, the nightclub of Johnny Depp ..not very far from the Standard Hollywood, Hotel where I stay when I go to LA .. on Sunset Boulevard .. 

I can't stop myself from feeling very frustrated ... But I have to keep my vacation for March.   
I so wanted to see them on stage in Los Angeles .. Next time .. I hope ..     

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