Thursday, December 4, 2014

My Tokio Hotel Tour 2015 - The club experience .... ♥

I can't wait for this next tour of Tokio Hotel ... The club experience .. night club atmosphere !! 

15 dates .... I will not go to Barcelona and Utrecht .. but I will go in all other cities... 4 regular tickets and 9 VIP packs .. 

Now I have to book hotels, Eurostar to London and the TGV to Marseille .. I'll go with my car in Brussels, Germany , Milan , Zurich , Vienna and Warsaw ... It's so exciting to live this tour in Europe .. 

I will go alone this time .. Julie'll attend just the concert of Paris with a regular ticket .. 

 I'll meet Alien friends in London and Marseille and Paris ... 


  1. Feras-tu un m&g à Paris :-)?

  2. Oui .. Great Day à Paris pour moi ..

    1. Hey! Do you have some Tokio Hotel Collectors tickets to sell? I'm looking For the tickets of London, Munich, Wien and Brussels, maybe you can have them:)