Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Happy Birthday Paul ...

Paul turned 15 on August 12 ... I wanted to make him happy, because he is a lovely boy and because he passed his final examination of junior high school with honors.
 Paul is a fan of American basketball championship and his favorite team is the Los Angeles Clippers.
 I organized a trip to Los Angeles for his next vacation and booked two tickets for a match with the Lakers, October 19 and two tickets for a match with the Clippers on Oct. 24.
 I booked the flight and hotel. We leave Paris on October 17 and we have a flight on October 26 at Lax. 
Paul is so happy .. I too .. 

 I am happy to stay at the Standard Hollywood on Sunset Boulevard again. I like this hotel ..

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  1. çà c'est un super cadeau ;-) gros küss ma Marie....